Extraordinarily nice people in a bad time

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Fist off, I never actually was able to file a claim so I have no experience in that area. I am hear because of the wonderful experience I had after the passing of my cat.After a few weeks of taking my cat to the vet, my bills started stacking up and we realized we needed insurance (even if it didn't cover the current issues). I thoroughly reviewed at least 6 different insurance companies. It felt like learning a new language to figure out what was going on. I went with Healthy Paws for numerous reasons (no annual cap, coverage starts 15 days after signing up, relatively cheap, one time annual deductible, etc). They are vastly better than just about every other company, maybe one or two came close, but I went with Healthy Paws because of an article in the Seattle Times (I think?) that reviewed numerous companies and decided they were the best (if narrowly).

Anywho, it was unfortunately discovered that my cat had cancer that was very far along in the abdomen. We ended up putting him down about a week later. It was quite the horrible experience, as he was my best friend and not very old. I made myself cancel the insurance before I could forget. I was quite surprised that my first month fee was reimbursed without any hassle. I was expecting to pay it, but later realized they give you 30 days to "try them out". So that's pretty cool. However, the real reason I am here is that about another week later, at the deepest point of my despair, I got a letter from Healthy Paws in th

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Claim Amount
Under $100

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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