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When our 12 year old girl fell seriously ill with pancreatitis, we were terrified. Our sweet girl barely survived -- the intensive care of several specialists, in partnership with her regular veterinarian, saved her life.
I spent quite a bit of time researching pet insurance prior to enrolling Cleo in Embrace many years ago. I chose Embrace for their excellent reputation and their flexible, straightforward plan (I want to make health decisions with my veterinarians -- not my insurance company!). Thankfully, I did not have a single claim prior to this event -- but that made me all the more nervous. Would Embrace live up to their promises?

Thankfully, yes, they did. Within a few weeks, our claim -- which, in its entirety, encompassed several trips to both a specialty and standard veterinary hospital -- was covered exactly as our plan detailed. We were reimbursed promptly, much to our relief.

Here's where it gets even better: like most insurance policies, the policy only extends for one year. Embrace wasn't legally committed to renew her policy after the year expired. I called them to express this concern: would they drop her after we filed a notable claim? Though we are longtime, dedicated clients, she is, after all, 12 years old, and this was a significant claim. A kind service representative assured me that though they were not obligated to offer a renewal, they don't, as a company, believe in conducting business like that. The service representative recalled only

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