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Trupanion – I cannot believe how wonderful you are – when my son got his “Bengal Cat” – I told him to get “pet insurance” – never dreaming that I would be needing this insurance within weeks of me recommending that he got insurance.
We have owned Labradors all our lives – we now own our 5th Labrador – (one at a time) - all are well bred English Labradors and over the years they have cost us a lot of money and have always been an integral part of our family – we have never had pet insurance before – as we are now seniors I felt that getting pet insurance would be wise – I also secretly believed that if we were “insured” nothing would happen to our beloved pet – like “paying it forward” – an insurance against things going wrong. Our Misty is now five – so still a young dog – and for a number of years – I thought she was - well – maybe a bit “blonde” – or maybe a bit “short-sighted” or maybe a bit “deaf” – because I felt her responses were not quite normal. My husband was a little less patient – and said that she was badly trained – and of course – typical of husbands – blamed her “bad training” and “disobedience” on me! Well – I have broad shoulders and the accusations did not really bother me – because I knew that she was a very good girl and very well trained – we had gone to classes etc – and she was well disciplined – but she did tend to ignore him! Mostly however in outdoor “arenas”

Two or three weeks ago I took Misty in for her annual examination and vacc

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yellow Lab

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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