My dog has new legs thanks to Trupanion!

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At one and a half years of age, my American Bulldog tore one of her cranial cruciate ligaments; the second one tore 6 months later, at which time both required surgical repair. A TPLO surgery costs around $3000-$4000 at most orthopedic specialists. Without Trupanion, I have no idea where I would have gotten the money to give my dog this much needed treatment. Thanks to her coverage, she had both legs repaired by a trustworthy specialist. I didn't have to price shop, or put off treating her problem due to lack of funds. Because her surgeries were largely covered, I was able to put my money towards a rehabilitation and physio therapy program, to ensure that her legs healed as well as they possibly could. Trupanion has continued to cover my dog's joint supplements, which she will be taking for life.This same dog also has ongoing skin allergies, and she suffers from urinary incontinence. She's a true lemon, but I love her.
My dogs will never have to go without medical care, regardless of my bank account, thanks to their Trupanion policies. Obtaining pet insurance was the best decision I could have made when I got dogs!

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Skin problem


Torn CCL
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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