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I have both my Weimaraners insured through VPI. Blu & Cooper. Cooper is the troublemaker and Blu follows suit. As such Cooper was the first to ingest rocks. They got caught in his intestines and well it required surgery. Cooper's surgery was about $2,600 and very stressful because it was a first for me! VPI processed the claim efficiently and I was able to recover about 1,900 of the claim which in my opinion is pretty amazing. About 2 months later, Blu did the exact same thing. I was an expert at that point and relieved that VPI covered the expense for Blu as well. Again, about 60-75 % was covered and they didnt give me a hard time at all. Check came in the mail. Since then these two have been on better behavior and I have found that the dental cleaning and office visit benefits really align to my needs. Great experience overall.

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foreign object ingestion
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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