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I've purchased pet insurance for the past 12 years. My biggest issue with the company I previously used, VPI Pet Insurance was how difficult their policy was to understand. I purchased the most expensive policy because I wanted only the best for my Bichon Frise, Blue (April 14, 2001-June 6, 2009) How foolish I was. Blue was diagnosed with Kidney Disease in March of 2009. I sadly researched the disease more than I did pet insurance. After extensive treatment to help prolong his life, Blue was sent over the rainbow bridge on a Saturday afternoon surrounded by not only myself, my husband and our two daughters but 6 loving family members who loved Blue like he was their own. When all was said and done. All I was left with was a huge hole in my heart and $6000 in debt from vet bills that were accumulated trying to save my boy's life. Why all this debt? Well, VPI at the time felt that Kidney Disease was a genetic and or hereditary disease and they did not cover anything they considered genetic or hereditary. Shame on them but honestly, I was the biggest fool to not research pet insurance for my furbaby rather than use the most popular company at the time and trust that they'd be by my side at time of crisis. I've heard they've since changed their policy but honestly, I don't care. They lost my trust and till the day I die, I will share my story with every friend and or acquaintance I meet. I'm a dog groomer so there will be many. If I can save one person from going through what I d

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