VPI Rocks - Torn ACL/MCL Repair Sugery

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My dog has torn her ACL completely and her MCL partially. She undergone Extracapsular Repair Surgery for her stifled right knee which cost me $1610.89. Thank god I have an emergency credit card that I could use to pay for this! I have her insured through VPI Pet Insurance. I submitted the claim to them and they reimbursed me $1604.08! I only paid $6.09 out of pocket for the surgery. my $100 deductible has already been satisfied through a previous claim. I am so thankful I have VPI, I only pay about $34 a month for the insurance just to think if I didn't have the Major Medical Plan I would have had to pay that whole expense out of pocket, which was so sudden. I also thank Dr. Peter Maki who performed the procedure, Cesa seems to be doing so well and walks with no limp or pain! we still have a long road to recovery but it was so worth it to see her walk again using her limb without favoring it.

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1 - 8

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