Christi's double knee surgery

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Christi, a young black lab, developed a left knee problem at 8 months. A vet exam and XRay indicated an ACL problem but we had to wait until her bones had finished growing at 18 months for surgery. In July 2013, she had TPLO surgery on the left knee at Pet Focus in Halifax. Pre-op and operation costs came to $3500. During the surgery, an XRay of the right knee indicated a partial tear in the ACL and some osteo arthritis developing. Another TPLO surgery was conducted Oct 9 at a cost of another $2500. In both cases the surgeries performed by Pet Focus were highly successful; Christi has regained full use of both legs with no complications.Throughout this entire ordeal Trupanion has lived up to its advertising fully. Provided you follow their rules, there was no quibbling over either claim submitted and payment of 90% of claim values was received in 1-2 weeks. As well, they kept us informed as to the status of our claims; we were never left in limbo.
We would highly recommend Pet Focus Vet Hospital and Trupanion Insurance to any pet owner. Their services are superb!

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ruptured ACLs both knees
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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1 - 8

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