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I recently had a $5000 claim denied, the only one I had filed in over a year of coverage with multiple pets. The reason they gave for denying the claim was a stretch, at best, saying it was related to a single vet visit my dog had two years ago, taken in for a completely unrelated reason, that the vet could not pinpoint a diagnosis but basically said well, we'll treat her for this because of her breed. I even appealed the claim with a letter from the current vet who did her recent surgery, showing the two incidents weren't connected, and they still denied it. As a vet tech, I know it was not a pre existing condition, and am more than disappointed in their decision. I will say that they had an easy claims process, a quick response time, and pleasant customer service, but all that doesnt make insurance worth it if they wont cover my pets when they should. Coverage cancelled.

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Back surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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