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I've had health insurance coverage for all the dogs I've owned over the past 18 years, and have had experience with other companies, including the ones that were top rated at the time. Healthy Paws is the best thing that ever happened to pet owners. I've recently gone through a heart-breaking diagnosis and eventual death of a six-year-old, healthy Airedale Terrier. His previous owner died from cancer, and we adopted him through Airedale Rescue at the age of five. We had all his medical records, and he was a healthy, lively dog. We insured him with Healthy Paws as soon as he joined our family. He had lived with us for only seven months when he was diagnosed with a very rare and deadly form of lymphoma. There is one drug that can prolong a good quality of life for shorter or longer times, and his first treatment appeared to be very successful. Unfortunately, in eliminating the active cancer cells, it also destroyed his bone marrow. We hoped he could recover his ability to regenerate essential white blood cells, neutraphils, and platelets, and he showed signs of improvement. In all our efforts to save him, Healthy Paws never let us down, making it possible for us to do what was best for him instead of worrying about how we could afford to do it. After six weeks of fighting, he lost all the progress he had made, and it was apparent that he had nothing left to fight with. We decided, under no pressure from anyone, that the time had come to end his ordeal. There was nothing l

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