My CockaPoo had to have Cataract surgery

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We rescued Andy at age 1.5. I spoke with a friend in Northern Cal about Getting Pet Insurance. She has a dog walking business. She recommended HEALTHY PAWS. After doing my research I decided to go with the insurance that covered more and had a 10 out of 10 rating. There was only one other Pet Insurance company I was considering. What was #1 on the list for me was I wanted any condition that would be covered if congenital/hereditary; not many cover this. I was hoping that they "really" did as we all know…"in the fine print" it may have a loop hole. Let me tell you…they stick to their word. That is important to me and it wasn't a "trick" that they covered what they said. 2 years later he developed cataracts at 3.5 years old. (I knew that poodles and Cocker Spaniels 'could' have that possibility). Boy oh boy was I happy to have HEALTHY PAWS PET INSURANCE. The bills have come to over $6,000 and most of that was covered (after my $250 deductible). A few months before his cataracts were detected I almost dropped it because i thought I could cut back on unnecessary bills. I am so GRATEFUL that was not the case as I sighed a big relief when he had the surgery and we were covered.
They have been a very friendly company to work with and care about the pet and the the pet parent. The check is in the mail the same week I send in the claim. What I love is that you can take a photo of the bill with your phone and upload right on line and it gets processed the same day. They make it ve

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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