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Not enough room to write about how wonderful Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has been to me and my wolfhound, Zachary. Zachary had to be admitted, on an emergency basis, to Veterinary Specialty Hospital in North County, San Diego, California. I was absolutely sure he would get the best care possible from them and I was absolutely sure he would incur huge medical expenses. I didn't hesitate because I felt sure that Healthy Paws would be there to rescue both of us. He had a very rare liver lobe torsion and after extensive tests and CT scans and many specialists he was diagnosed and immediately sent to surgery. Although I was confident that Healthy Paws would save us...there is always that small little voice echoing, "What if they deny the claim?" Thank goodness every little fear was immediately erased when I heard from Healthy Paws that they were processing the claim and then within 24 hours heard that they would be covering every bit of Zachary's bill as the arrangement we had. I am amazed not only at the speed in which they handled the claim but also the kindness and support extended from this wonderful company. I will continue to rave about them and the comfort they provide for all of us who have pets that are family members! What a horrible decision to have to put Zachary down because I wouldn't be able to pay such a high medical bill. Thanks to Healthy Paws I will never be put in the position to make that decision. Thank you...thank you...thank you Healthy Paws!

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liver lobe torsion
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Ibizan Wolfhound

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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