Scam & very misleading

Out of 10

We paid for the 90% plan -They do anything to get out of paying. Two claims totaling $360 we were covered only $174 ($74 check to us bc of the $100 yearly deductible. I canceled the service and contested all charges since may on my amex card. You are better off putting the $60/month you would pay to them away in your own savings account. Completely worthless.

What I don't understand is they slash the medicine costs and only cover a small portion because of "reasonable & customary charges" for that medicine. They tell me they use the average of the 3 leading online pet pharmacies and tell me that vets mark up medicines.

With that said my other option would be to order online, wait 3-4 more days to get my dogs medicine. If they were looking out for the best interest of our animals they would understand it's better to pay the vet and get your medicine immediately than wait 3-4'days from an online pharmacy when your dog is sick and needs the medicine right then.

All around scam.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
Under a year

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