A Tale of Two Knees

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Three years ago, we adopted our little pit bull mix Birdie. She was the eighth dog we had fostered that year and was sweet and small and ran away with our hearts, so we decided to make her a permanent part of our family.
Almost immediately after we signed the adoption papers we discovered that Birdie had a serious, life threatening liver problem which we then spent several weeks and several thousand dollars treating her for, finally bringing her back to perfect health.

After that serious and costly illness, we decided to listen to some of our wiser friends and our veterinarian who had all been suggesting we look into pet insurance. After checking out several companies and comparing rates, coverage, and reviews, we enrolled Birdie in a Healthy Paws Pet Insurance plan, and boy are we glad we did.

A year or so after getting her policy, Birdie ran across the yard in pursuit of a squirrel and came back limping badly, her right leg dangling loosely above the ground. X-rays and examinations showed that she had torn a major stabilizing ligament in her right knee and required an extreme repair--TPLO surgery. The surgery cost a stunning $2,600, was very successful, and better yet--Healthy Paws covered 90% of the costs after our deductible, so we received compensation in the range of $2200! Wow! Finally things worked out the way they're supposed to.

Unfortunately, while consulting with the doctor about Birdie's injury, we learned that a high percentage of dogs that have t

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