Wellness plan not worth it!

Out of 10

You think you're getting a deal, but even the wellness plan prices are inflated. Then, when you take your pet in for a check up you think you don't have to pay anything but they always find a way to get to your wallet. They'll find some product they say you "need" to keep your dog healthy. Next thing you know you're leaving the vet with $100 of products or other services + you're paying monthly for the wellness plan. I've since left Banfield and back with my regular vet paying less per year than I did on the wellness plan. Weigh your options and compare with other vets before giving in to the monthly payment plan that you're locked in to for a year. Not worth it!

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inflated prices
Claim Amount
Under $100

Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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