Trupanion Saved Yumi's Life - Twice in 17 Days!

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Our yellow Lab Yumi is only six years old and a cancer surviver. During her cancer treatment I was advised to buy pet insurance from Trupanion, even though the cancer treatments would not be covered. I almost didn't, figuring what good would it do to have another bill to pay during this difficult time? What else could possibly go wrong?
Well, I am so thankful I did, because seven or so months after I enrolled her, she was cancer free but had an unrelated and very sudden and very severe attack of pancreatitis. Despite having the best care available to her, Yumi was given only a 50/50 chance of survival the night she was admitted to a level 2 ICU at the vet hospital. She spent five nights there, was discharged, but returned to ICU less than three weeks later with a relapse for three more nights of care.

Trupanion made her treatments possible. Without Trupanion her care would have been prohibitively expensive and I shudder to think what our alternative would have been with her is such agony for so long. Trupanion's assistance allowed her to have the life saving plasma and other specialty transfusions she desperately needed, along with routine supportive care and close monitoring, without which she very well may have died.

Trupanion did exactly as they had told me they would do during our pre-enrollment conversations, which was to work immediately with the vet hospital to arrange direct payment to minimize our out of pocket costs, to keep in frequent communic

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