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My dog Max had developed a problem with his anal gland and we tried to treat it for over a year with antibiotics. After much discussion and treatments my Vet advised that I have the anal gland removed. My Vet advised that she had operated on quite a few dogs and cats with the same problem and she was sure that Max would be fine. I on the other hand had reservations as one of the problems he could encounter was incontinence. Since I had complete trust in my Vet we scheduled the surgery. Max was operated on and came up with no side effects at all. My Vet submitted the invoice to Pet Plan on Wednesday, Thursday I received an e mail stating they had received the charges and on Friday another e mail was sent telling me that the check was on its way. On Monday I received a check for $1000.00. They also paid his follow-up claims completely. Another $200.00. I tell everyone of the excellent service I have received and a few friends have now purchased policies for their animals.I tell everyone that I received better Customer Service from my Dogs insurance plan than I receive from my health insurance plan. I would never be without the insurance.

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Anal gland infection
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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