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My only experience prior to signing up with Healthy Paws was with VPI who we had with our last puppy and had a horrible experience with when at 12 weeks that puppy got ill and after thousands of dollars in vet bills found out he was terminally ill. During a time when we were emotionally devastated, we we shocked to find out (after a lengthy and difficult claim process) the only portion of the bills VPI would cover was the cost of the puppy's cremation ($138 after the $100 deductible) because he had a congenital disorder and that was one of the fine print items (which there are many) that VPI does not cover. They would not even cover the diagnostic tests to find out this was the issue was. So when we got our next pup, we did a ton of research and signed up with Healthy Paws which was the only company to very clearly (no fine print exceptions) let you know what they will and will not cover and what they do cover is a ton more than any other company I could find (including congenital disorders!). That said, you never know until you have to actually use the policy which as a pet owner, you hope you never need to. Last week that unfortunately happened when our 1.5 year old pup ended up in the hospital with an infection. During a time when we were emotionally distraught not knowing exactly what was wrong and willing to approve whatever costs it took to find out, we signed off on tests and a hospital stay hoping (but wondering based on the past experience with VPI) if Healthy P

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unknown infection -- potential leptosporosis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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