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When we brought our Yorkie, Bailey, home I wanted to make sure he was in good health and had the proper health coverage. I had pet insurance with my previous dog but I wasn't completely satisfied with the coverage so this time I decided to shopped around. I examined the top ten rated pet insurances listed on line. Embrace Pet Insurance offered both an accident and illness policy and a wellness policy. Both policies are important to me. The Wellness Policy s something you use annually for things like shots and teeth cleaning.Veterinary costs are expensive but when you love your pet they become family and you want them to have the best veterinary care. At 8 weeks of age Bailey needed all the usual puppy shots plus a flu vaccine. The heartworm and flea medicine isn't cheap either. At 6 months we had Bailey neutered and he had to have some baby teeth pulled that were interfering with his adult teeth. All of these things were covered at 100% up too the $400.00 annual maximum. Embrace also offers direct deposit directly into our checking account and that made receiving our reimbursement that much faster. I haven't had to use the illness or accident insurance yet and hopefully I never will but I have it for Bailey just in case. It gives me peace of mind. My first Yorkie had cancer of the mouth and the surgery was so costly but it saved his life for 6 more years and I don't regret our choice. He lived to be 18 years of age. That's the reason I have pet insurance. Embrace gave me opti

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$100 - $500

Yorkshire Terrier

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Under a year

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