This is why we get insurance

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I consider insurance to be working the moment I can make healthcare decisions for my dog without worrying about
1. how much it will cost; and
2. how much effort it will take for it to actually cost that much.

Any plan (such as VPI's) that has a reimbursement schedule (i.e. fixed limits for each illness/treatment category) gloriously fails (1) in my opinion.

On both these counts, Healthy Paws has been working phenomenally well for me. I have a 90% coverage plan with a $250 annual deductible (no preventive care) for my 2 year old chihuahua mix. My monthly premium is a little under $30.

The claim process is very simple. Print out a custom claim form (I have several printed out and at hand so I get the vet's office to fill it out after every appointment) and scan along with the invoices and email. Every single time, Healthy Paws has blown me away with how soon they processed the claim (usually under an hour).

In my first year, I made several small claims but they did not go over the deductible, so I wasn't reimbursed. Sure, on the whole, I paid more out of pocket than I would have without insurance. But I understood the policy and what was excluded and knew fully well what to expect.

Two weeks ago, my dog needed surgery for cherry eye, and, immediately after, needed an emergency vet visit when he had diarrhea and regurgitation and loss of appetite while recovering from his anesthesia. The bills were steep, but, in the midst of everything we went through, I'm gr

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Eye problem


Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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