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I read all the reviews. Healthy Paws is very much celebrated as one of the best. My experience was not the same through, I guess, maybe no fault of my own. I took my 1 year old dog to the vet in September of this year as she was having trouble with her left back knee locking. The first time I noticed her knee lock was around May of this year. It only happened occasionally, maybe once every 3 weeks. I had read via the internet that it was a hereditary ailment. Something you had to monitor. Then in September my dog couldn't settle her left hind leg down for long periods of time, so I took her to the vet. The vet diagnosed that my dog had a hereditary knee disorder (patella luxation) found in many dogs. Well, I paid my bill and later filed a claim with Healthy Paws. The refused to pay my claim or anything to do with the treatment of my dogs left hind leg. They were nice enough to tell me they would cover the right hind leg. Well, apparently when the vet was examining my dog and asking if I had observed any prior incidences, I had told her that I noticed her left leg begin to lock at times around the month of May. This was the same month I signed my dog up with Healthy Paws.
FILING MY SEPTEMBER CLAIM: Healthy Paws requests that claims be accompanied by the vets records. This meant I had to drop off my dogs claim form at the vet office, and they in turn submit the information required for my reimbursement. Apparently, somewhere in the notes faxed over from the vets, it mentio

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knee locked (patella luxation)
Claim Amount
Under $100

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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