Long Wait Period for Reimbursement

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I've had my beautiful 10 year old dog under Pet Plan for over four years. The claims we submitted in the past (most if them minor) have usually been reimbursed within two weeks. However, this time (and it's the same health problem) I have waited over three weeks and nothing!
I emailed both claim numbers and asked about the status. One email response was "You'll get an explanatory letter by the end of next week." This is 2013; certainly if they can send a letter they can send an email with any explanations! No mention was made if a check was enclosed. This claim is almost a month old, and it was less than $100.

The other claim is in the Pet Plan queue to be reviewed by an adjuster, Oet Plan states In their response. This claim is over three weeks old and it's still in a queue? Again, this is for the same health problem and the amount is over $400

Don't they know that we need to be reimbursed promptly? I pay Pet Plan on time and they should honor their commitments. They should also quit using delaying tactics, as in using snail mail if there's a problem rather than email.

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Digestive issues
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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