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My son who has two German Shepard's tried to sway me into another insurance that he has. It covers a lot of routine care and minimal amounts on true emergency care. I did my research and opted for Pet Plan. I have never been more pleased with their word and quality of insurance. NO ONE wants to have an ill pet, when you start out with a puppy.... illness is the furthest thing from your mind! My first insured was a new lab pup, Hendrix. Poor guy suffered early on with two bouts of kennel cough, resulting in multiple courses of medication and x-rays. Now at 1 1/2 yrs old Hendrix started having seizures. Very scarey stuff! We saw or regular vet and then was referred to a neurologist. His recommendation was to start seizure medication and do an MRI. For everyone's peace of mind there is a need to rule out a tumor. Every claim I have made so far to Pet Plan was processed with out delay and payment receive within two weeks!! MRI is an extensive image, I was so distraught because of the cost. For my peace of mind, I submitted a prior approval for the MRI. Pet Plan once again came through...I never could have done this image without their fantastic reimbursement. I do feel blessed. Hendrix has a sister Joplin and she is insured as well. Yesterday we added our third and final pup Tyler to our pack. I purchased insurance for him today. I will never own another animal without Pet Plan Insurance. They have certainly taken the stress out of ownership. I can put my worri

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Labrador Retriever

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1 - 8

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