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We found a Boxer puppy (approx 9 mths) on the streets the week before Christmas. Because he had such a great disposition, and was already house, crate and manner trained, we decided to not put him in a shelter in fear that the owner would not find him. We kept him at our house and we listed him as "found" on Craigslist, veterianian websites (in the area), on veteriniarn facebook pages and through our local trainers. We hoped the owner was out of town for the holidays, and would come home and find him.
Two weeks after New Years, we had no hits or interest. By then, we couldn't put him in a shelter (he had become the "brother" to our 3 female dogs), so he became ours. We purchased pet insurance immediately through PetPlan (I had done my research, plus worked for a 4 veteriniarn facility).

Two weeks later, his pelvis began to swell. We all (Drs included) assumed he had just pulled something becuase he was so active and never showed any pain, limping, etc. When he was x-rayed (to our surpise) he had a 5 inch pin in his leg which was trying to push its way out. No one would have ever guessed he had had a broken leg at some time (est was he was about 4 mths old ). We had to remove the pin immediately.

When I filed the claim PetPlan would not cover the procedure because it was there prior to us finding him. I had the doctors write letters, resent all medical notes from the day he was found to the day of the procedure and appealled the decision. Still the claim

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broken leg/pin
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 05/09/2014

SHAME ON YOU JC!!!!!! This person saved this dog's life by not dumping it in a pound where it would most likely be killed!!!! They posted that the dog was found in appropriate places and no response!!!! Karma will pay you back for your malicious thoughts and comments!

Posted: 04/19/2014

that's sad what happened, but if you read the policy you will see that indeed they do not cover anything that existed before you got your policy, whether or not you knew about it. This is true for all insurances. That said, I will say that Pet Plan has HORRIBLE customer service and a pretty bad claims process which takes up to months to get a payout.

Posted: 04/22/2014

you stole someones dog and karma paid you back. tough break