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My standard poodle, Kamali, was lethargic, no appetite and had a huge swollen elbow. After much testing, it was found she had an auto immune deficiency of her blood. The medicine she was put on made her liver enzynes out of balance. The next medicine she was changed to made her vomit. Many blood tests later and lots of pills, she is now fine, up and around and playing with my other poodle.Through all of the trips to the vet and two trips to the emergency vet clinic, I knew I had a partner with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. All vet bills were costly, especially the 2 to the emergency clinic. It so easy to be able to tell the clinic to go ahead with necessary testing. I didn't have to think about their costs and my checkbook
Healthy Paw staff has emailed me each week checking on my dog and letting me know they were there for whatever I needed. They are very caring, compassionate and supportive.
The claims, which were a lot, have been handled very quickly and the company has followed up with everything. I have not had to call them at all to follow up. They were really on top of everything, including quickly paying the claims I submitted.
I am so glad I have Healthy Paws and their support.

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Auto Immune Disease and bad infection on elbow
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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