If you go with them, go high deductible for death

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Should have been reimbursed for $1800 in vet services. Watch out for that 14 day restricted period at the beginning of a policy even when you have the insurance before you actually adopt the animal. Claims are per incident, not annually- not like human healthcare.
Also if you have continuous vet bills that span past a policy renewal date, they count it as a separate claim after the renewal date. Thus you must meet the deductible again for that incident before they will reimburse. So you could, as I did, have to meet the deductible twice for one incident - way to squeeze more money out of paying customers.

Called on all my issues and not once got any concession or consideration. Wasted $200-some dollars in one year for this, if your dog is on the brink of dying insurance - to meet the deductible for every single incident....and sometimes meet the deductible twice for one incident.

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Pneumonia at one point and rat poison another
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Over $1000


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Under a year

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Posted: 10/24/2013

I can see the frustration on the deductible, but I personally think that Petplan is very clear on this. It is an ANNUAL deductible per incident or illness, so you do pay this again if the ongoing illness continues into the next year. I feel this is very reasonable and have found that they always pay as promised. It is definitely something to consider when choosing the right policy for you.

Posted: 11/06/2013

What is the 14 day restricted period?

Posted: 11/06/2013

It seems to me that this gentleman didn't do his research very well before purchasing this insurance. He seems to be complaining that he had to pay money out of pocket in addtion to his premiums, but doesn't say how much he saved by having the pet insurance in place.

Posted: 12/27/2013

I find this not a problem at all if you have a pet that needs ultrasounds regularly or annual blood work..if i have to pay a 50 dollar deductible for one or both of these things yearly so what?????...an ultrasound less the 50 dollar deductible is a blessing as far as i am concerned.

Posted: 04/19/2014

Very clear policy, seems he didn't read it. If something is not understood then a person can call and clarify. I see so many folks buying policies that they clearly did NOT read and then get upset about later. As for me, I do have Pet Plan but I regret it, as they have a terrible claims process and rotten customer service. They don't communicate with one another, nor with their customers. My vet refuses now to bill Pet Plan, so to speak (I would have to deal with them myself and send in all the paperwork myself) and will not speak to any of their horrible customer service people. That's a testament to what kind of company they are, but their policy is stated clearly, to their credit. I am wondering why no one from their company ever comments or answers any of these complaints? Trupanion does, almost every time. Interesting...