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Our Alice was diagnosed with hard palate Osteosarcoma two years ago, with an expected time left of a few weeks or months only. We put her on Rimadyl and had regular appointments with the vet. For almost two years she seemed to be quite normal, but the tumor that broke through into her nasal cavity continued to grow, and then in the last two or three months broke out on her gum, and affected her breathing and swallowing. She was now also on Tramadol. We had switched her to people food which she loved, and she continued to eat and was happy, and we continued giving her medication. She ate on Monday night and enjoyed her chicken breast, but seemed tired when I wanted to take her out in the back yard. The next morning she didn't want to eat, and was tired, and didn't want to go out, and we knew she was telling us it was time. She had just turned 12 a couple of months before, and we were able to enjoy two years extra than we expected, but could not have done it without the help from Petplan. Thank you for giving us two more great years with our little girl. It is still difficult to accept that she is gone, and we miss her so very much. Perhaps in the future when the grief and loss lessens a little, we will be ready to love again. One of the first things we will do is enroll in Petplan.

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