OK for wellness care, HORRIBLE for anything major!

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To not bore you with a long winded story, here's the condensed version... Have had VPI since my puppy has been 10 weeks old, he's a bit over 5 years now. VPI has been ok with wellness care and I never really was concerned about not being reimbursed in full for things like shots, annual checkups, etc. However, he contracted a deadly virus in July of 2013(Leptospirosis), which affected his liver and kidneys and he had acute kidney failure. To save him he had to be in ICU for over two weeks in two different clinics (one in NY, one in CT) We put out over $17K (yes, thousand!!) dollars to save him, and miraculously, he pulled through and is doing fine now. (he had to have feeding tubes, catheters, bloodwork done 2x per day, various medicines,tests, etc.) It was a few days before the vets even knew what was actually wrong with him... he almost died. Well, I thought VPI was going to come through for us... unfortunately, I have been scammed. For that amount of money, VPI is only giving us back $4,000!!! (I think for what I pay per month for all of these years, I have given them more money than they are actually reimbursing me!!!) They have a "schedule" of payout amounts and get this... their payout for anything having to do with this virus (lepto) is less than $1000. Same with anything related to kidney failure, etc. Now, NO ONE reads through pages and pages of this stuff beforehand figuring out "what if" their dog/cat, etc. gets this or that disease!!! I would say now... re

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Renal (kidney)

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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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