Healthy Paws is a lifesaver!

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My five-month old kitten sustained facial, gum and teeth injuries from a dog bite. Enlisting my pets with Health Paws was the best decision I have ever made. The claim was reviewed within 48 hours of their receipt of the medical records and paid within a week. They paid everything except the initial office visits which is fully disclosed in their coverage description. They kept me apprised of the claims process daily and followed-up with e-mails asking how my kitten was doing. I am awestruck at how easy the claims process is and how Healthy Paws paid everything they said would be paid according to my benefit level.
I have recommended Healthy Paws to my veterinary clinic, the specialty clinic that cared for my kitten, my family and friends, co-workers, and strangers I meet who loves their pets. Coverage is affordable and the reward is we are able to give our pets the best care without having to worry about selling our home to do so.

I read the reviews prior to signing up with Healthy Paws, and admit to being skeptical that an insurance company could indeed be so wonderful. Now, through an unfortunate situation, I am able to write my own review and impart how awesome Healthy Paws Insurance is. Life is a gamble, and hopefully my babies will not need to fall upon Healthy Paws again; however, I know they will be there if I need them. I sleep much easier at night knowing that.

Thank you, Health Paws!

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Dog bite injury to face, gum and teeth
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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