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My two cats were insured after one had all his teeth removed due to stomatitis and the other spent the night at the ER vet for dietary indiscretion. Within a few months we used the insurance to cover one of the cats eating a toy (caught before she needed surgery) and in one claim the insurance had paid back the premiums and then some. We would have saved the cat anyway, its so nice to have Pets Best as our partners and for peace of mind. Since then one cat was diagnosed with IBD and pyloric valve stenosis in his stomach and required very costly surgery, Pets Best processed the claim within days & covered him. They continue to cover his medications. The other kitty was "the good one" until recently when she began vomiting blood for no reason. Turns out she had intestinal necrosis. After her surgery she started showing signs of heart failure. Multiple days in the hospital, xrays, meds, echos, ultrasounds, Within 2 days of submitting what were multiple claims intermixed, Pets Best had processed it and again, we were covered. They will continue to cover her as we now deal with her early stage heart disease. We love Pets Best, we always recommend them to our friends and family. They are a fantastic company and stand by their commitment to your pet's health.

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Over $1000

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1 - 8

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