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Bought policy for 4 dogs through Groupon, couldn't find a vet near our home that accepted it. It's suggested you refer your vet to their service:-(. Requested a refund and cancellation within 24 hrs of purchase boyhood groupon and pet assure said it was the others responsibility. Have filed a complaint with the state attorney generals office.

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Posted: 01/05/2014
By: Jo

One should always research participating vets BEFORE purchasing insurance, not after!!! I would even discuss the details of the Groupon with the vet's office to ensure it will be honored prior to purchase.

Posted: 04/28/2015
By: Pet Assure Cus…

We are sorry you've had trouble. We do provide a list of participating veterinary practices on our website for customers to see before signing up. Anytime a plan is purchased through a site such as Groupon or Amazon Local the payment is made directly to them. Cancellations and refunds are based on the terms and conditions of the company you purchase the product from. Pet Assure doesn't have any payment information for members who sign up through sites such as these.