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I was skeptical about getting pet insurance for our new dog, but am so glad we did. . . The basic coverage for routine care seemed like a no brainer, but that isn't what sold me. What sold me was the financial security if something did happen - would I be out a ton of money, or have a policy that gave me protection and peace of mind. The comprehensive VPI plan we purchased did that and so much more. Our puppy did get into some things she shouldn't have, and unfortunately had to have surgery to get it out (after a couple of visits and xrays). I paid out of pocket and did everything I would to take care of any "child" in our family. And after collecting all of the explanation of benefits from my vet, I sent them in and hoped for the best. And after a few weeks - VPI did what they said they would do, and that was provide me the financial security I was looking for. Instead of being out a couple of thousand dollars - I was reimbursed for everything that I understood when I signed up for the plan. I have given the advice - get pet insurance, to every animal lover I know. VPI is who I would always promote as the insurer who will give you the financial security you may need when emergencies arise, and give you benefits for keeping your pet up-to-date with their regular routine examines. Thank you VPI!

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