Midnight trip to emergency for toxic symptoms had

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Late Saturday evening, Tucker displayed odd symptoms such as wobbling of his head and his back legs kept collapsing. We watched him for about half an hour and then decided he was getting worse, not better. Off we went to an Emergency Animal Hospital, about 40 minutes from home, hoping for the best. The admitting vet examined him and questioned us as to possible toxins he might have been exposed to. The vet then decided that Tucker needed to be kept overnight until at least early afternoon on Sunday.He was placed on intravenous in both front legs for hours.We were allowed to take him home on Sunday afternoon and the vet felt he was going to be okay as they had flushed his system out. Tucker slept almost 6 hours after he got home , ate dinner and went back to bed for the night. Monday morning, Tucker was his usual bouncy and happy self. He has been fine ever since. We check our lawn and pick any mushrooms found daily and we watch that Tucker does not pick up any cigarette butts he might find on the street, as those were the two items the vet felt he might have swallowed.I submitted my claim to Trupanion about a week after out emergency vet experience and was very pleased that they responded so quickly upon receipt of my claim.I received payment within 2 weeks and was most pleased with Trupanions response.

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possible poisoning of toxic substance.
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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