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Insurance is one of those things you wonder if you're 'throwing your money' away every month because you just never seem to use this insurance. And is it really worth it? Well, I can say 10000% YES it's worth it.
Our 4 year old English Springer Spaniel is very active. Sadly she started limping two months ago. After seeing our regular vet we did the limited activity route in hopes her lameness would be 'fixed' over time. It was sort of. Then she'd have a hard play session at the beach and would go lame/limp again. So off to see the specialists we went. Unfortunately it was determined she had a full tear of her right ACL and a partial of her left.

We opted to have bilateral TPLO surgery done. It's not recommended for every dog. She's small enough yet also has really muscular legs so the specialists said it would be a good option.

It wasn't a decision we took lightly. We did a ton of research and found a doctor that has received the highest of praise. We scheduled the surgery and notified Embrace.
Embrace responded right away with true concern for Ellie. We sent them the reports from her doctors and within a couple of days Embrace responded that the surgery would be covered. That was a little bit of a relief but still sad about the major surgery looming for us and Ellie.
I'm happy to report that Ellie's surgery was almost two weeks ago. She stayed overnight for only one night and walked out to greet us in the lobby the next day. On her own. No limping! It should be

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Bilateral TPLO
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English Springer Spaniel

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1 - 8

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