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I can not even say enough good things about trupanion. I am actually in shock still to this very moment about the level of care they had about my pet and the level of commitment they had to ensuring my claim was handled promptly. I was devastated when my dog got hit by a car, I didnt even remember at first that I had pet insurance. It wasnt until they asked me to pay for it that I remembered that I had purchased insurance, and thank GOD I had purchased the optional package for physical therapy. Of course he needed surgery and physical therapy and every step of the way I felt so much peace knowing that I didnt have to make any decisions for dog based on money. They people that handled my claim were MORE than friendly. In fact there was an issue with my claim that I didnt know about prior to the injury and yet they still honored my claim to its full extent. I am more than grateful that I spent the extra money every month for pet insurance I would HONESTLY recommend it to anyone that has a pet. The chances of your pet having a severe injury are probably always very slim in your mind as a pet owner but when or if God forbid something happens, having this insurance is a lifesaver. Trupanion is by far the most amazing pet insurance I have ever ran across. No gimmicks and very straight forward.

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Hit by a car
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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