If only they would insure humans!

Out of 10

I have been a customer for almost 3 years. Both my dogs are covered with the high end coverage ($250 deductible and 90% reimbursement). One of the two dogs has had A LOT of things go wrong requiring advanced and expensive veterinary care and in the Los Angeles area that means really expensive. Healthy Paws has been truly amazing. Their policies are fair and transparent. They don't pay for bells and whistles. They don't pay for office visits (even if it is a specialist). They don't pay for prevention. BUT they pay everything else and do so with absolutely amazing speed. 98% of my claims take 7 days before I actually have the check!! Occasionally they do ask for additional documentation from the vet or call the vet for clarification but on those occasions they communicate with me as well and their requests are completely understandable and reasonable.
Right now they are paying for my one dog newly diagnosed with Cushings Disease and a mucosele on the gall bladder. The meds alone for these 2 conditions run almost $200 per month. Let alone all of her eye drops following glaucoma surgery which they paid for -- in the thousands.

The customer support team are amazing folks. They are helpful and will truly help you get every dollar that is coming to you. I even got an email asking me about how this one dog was doing. Conceivably it was computer generated (like their birthday wishes) but I don't think so. Either way - I have never been asked how I am feeling

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Eye problem

Cushings Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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