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We have Petplan for each of our three dogs and two cats, and it has paid off immeasurably. We always recommend Petplan to all our friends and family members with pets due to the wonderful experience we've had. We initially found Petplan after we adopted a puppy that was extraordinarily accident-prone, and we've benefitted from the relationship numerous times with all of our pets. Most recently, our 13-year-old dog Riley became very ill around the Christmas holiday, and after visits to her regular vet and internal medicine, surgical and oncology specialists, which included ultrasounds, endoscopies and major abdominal surgery, she was diagnosed with a duodenal tumor (leiomyoma). The total invoiced amount since she became ill has been around $7,000, and Petplan has been with us every step of the way. In reality, without Petplan we would have been worrying about our ability to cover the cost of treatments and diagnostics, but instead we were able to put our energy and efforts in taking care of our dog. Unfortunately Riley's tumor ended up being in a spot where it could not be entirely removed, and therefore it has begun to grow back (much faster than anyone had expected). However, Petplan and the exceptional veterinary care Riley received at Aztec Animal Clinic and the VCA Specialty Clinic in Albuquerque allowed us to have much more time with her than we otherwise would have had. Our appreciation for Petplan continues as Riley now receives palliative care. As we have found, bad

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Duodenal Tumor
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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