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I brought my 15 year old dog to have her teeth cleaned. They said I should sign up for a new plan that covers dental cleanings. My dog had a spinal chord injury so she had difficulty walking, very little vision and a heart murmur and should never had been scheduled for a teeth cleaning. I was called during the surgery that she needed to have almost all her teeth extracted for over $3,000. We made the heart breaking decision to have her euthanized. I thought it would be the kindest thing with all her health problems and advanced age. After that difficult ordeal, Banfield said that they would have to continue charging me the monthly fee of $44.5/month even though my dog was put to sleep the same day that I signed up for the plan. My bill for that day was over $400 even with the premium wellness plan that I signed up for and now I will have to pay every month for a year even though my dog is gone.

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Over 8 years

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