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Pet Plan has been a life saver for our pets and our family. We had 2 senior dogs which ended up with significant health issues that we could not have treated without our Pet Plan policy. The first big difference between Pet Plan and other providers is that they allowed us to enroll our large breed dogs at 9 years of age. Most other companies denied us because they were "too old". The best thing about Pet Plan pet insurance is that your pet is insured for life. Once your pet is diagnosed with an illness or injury, the plan continues to cover them for life and they are never dropped from the policy as can happen with other pet insurance providers. Our biggest testament to the value of Pet Plan pet insurance is how it covered our 2 senior dogs in the last couple of years. Our 12 year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with bone cancer last September 2012. She had her rear leg amputated, followed by 6 weeks of chemotherapy which would have cost us out of pocket over $10,000 without our Pet Plan pet insurance. We paid a $100 deductible and 20% of specialists fees and were reimbursed by Pet Plan for the rest - saving us almost $8,000 out of pocket. She is still going strong and doing very well. At the same time, our other senior dog - a 12 year old lab/hound mix - developed severe but treatable neurological issues. Again, our policy paid out over $9000 in less than a year for his treatment before he passed away in February. Reimbursements were always quick and no-hassle. We would j

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Over $1000

Golden Retriever

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Over 8 years

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