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I have been very happy with this plan for many years. Now because my dog is 14 years old they changed my policy and tripled my premium. This is how they treat customer who has been with them for many years (and only filed two minor claims). Watch out everyone for a triple increase in your premium when your dog gets older!!!!!

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Posted: 01/09/2014

Jane, the exact same thing happened to me. Overall premium doubled, but for my seniors, they practically tripled. Extremely disappointing. Chryssa, I'm assuming it happened to every senior pet. Of course, aging dogs will always have higher vet costs.
You also say your new plans offer other options, but what you do not say is that if you change from your triple premium plan to a "new" plan, all those years of things we paid out for will now be considered pre-exisiting under your new plan. Same company, Pets Best, but it's all going to be pre-existing. So, either you start over from scratch with certain conditions not being covered, which once were....OR you pay your triple premiums. It's just so diappointing.

I have a hard time believing you decreased the cost of any plan that had senior pets on them. If so, I truly and honestly welcome their reviews here.

Posted: 08/30/2013

Hi Jane, we recently transitioned to a new underwriter that reviewed actuarial data and adjusted our rates according to which pets are most likely to need veterinary care. Some pet owners saw a decrease in premium, some saw no change, and some saw an increase. Plan prices are based on the age, breed and location of your pet, and are not affected by whether you’ve filed any claims.
Our new plans offer a greater variety of options, so you can still have great pet insurance coverage at a price that fits your budget. Our records show we’ve recently been in touch, but if we can be of further assistance, please call our Customer Care team at 877-738-7237. Thanks for being a Pets Best customer!