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When I joined United Pet Care 9 years ago, my brother was drinking Kailua and left his full glass on the floor while he went to the bathroom. One of my dogs (9 lbs) drank the whole glass. Within about 1/2 hour the dog was lying on the floor with its tongue hanging out of its mouth and was barely breathing. I rushed it the vet’s office (the one on Unite Pet Care’s program) and they kept it for 4 days. The dog ended up with alcohol poisoning. They ended up doing 4 bloods transfusions and watched my pet around the clock. I was in shock when I got my $4000.00 bill. Thank GOD I had United Pet Care. After they took the savings off the top of my bill I only had to pay $3000.00. I saved $1,000.00 just by having United Pet Care, which was taken off of the bill immediately! The vet didn’t have to keep the pet and could have sent me to an emergency facility, but they went above and beyond because I was a Unite Pet Care member. In the 9 years I have been with United Pet Care I have always been treated with GREAT customer service from the staff and will never go back VPI or Banfield, which is another story. United Pet Care you have a customer for life!

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Alcohol poisoning
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Posted: 09/30/2014

This is the second review that has alcohol poisoning being treated with a transfusion. For the record, that is not typically the treatment and would be highly unusual. I would be interested in seeing what was really going on with these cases and why they would need a transfusion.