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My 2 year old dachshund, Izzy, suddenly started making a gagging/choking sound. We rushed her to our local vet, where they did Xrays. Nothing definitive was seen in her throat but there was some swelling and air. She sent us straight to the specialty hospital for a scope to see if there was anything there. They only found swelling and a possible area that could have been a bee sting and sent her home. The following day she was extremely depressed and down and I thought she was mad at me and pouting. The next day it was obvious she was VERY sick. Back to the local vet and she was immediately put on IV fluids and strong antibiotics. She spent the day in the hospital again and came home on antibiotics and within 24 was back to herself. Needless to say this was a very expensive venture and thanks to my Embrace policy the biggest majority was covered! I have never used my policy and was so pleased with the ease of filing and the quick payment. I recommend Embrace to everyone I know! It's peace of mind that you can do everything possible to make your babies better!

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