I love Healthy Paws!

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I cannot say enough good things about Healthy Paws. I have 3 dogs insured by them, and any future dog I have will also be insured by them.
They pay promptly - every time. When my dog was in shock after cancer caused her spleen to burst, and I rushed her to the emergency vet, it was a great comfort to know that she was insured. Healthy Paws paid for all of it (except the vet exam fees): intravenous chemotherapy, all of her tests and Rxs, EVERYTHING!. Then, after she had an adverse reaction to oral chemo, Healthy Paws agreed to pay for an alternative remedy for her instead of the oral chemo. Since she has been on the alternative remedy, she is doing so great! She has tons of energy, a good appetite and she is happy again.

One of our other dogs recently had a health crises where is platelets dropped extremely low. He was in critical condition, and even though he had only been with us - and insured by Healthy Paws - for about a month, Healthy Paws covered all of his care!

Healthy Paws has also paid for laser and chiropractic adjustments (related to an injury) for our dogs. Just to give one example of their GREAT customer service:
A while ago, I fax'd in a claim form and invoices to Healthy Paws. I must have turned the papers upside down when I fax'd them, so they came thru to Healthy Paws as blank pages. So Healthy Paws calls me and says "hey, we got a blank FAX, but we figured out it was from you - please re-submit your claim"

I couldn't believe that they

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Shiloh Shepherd

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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