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I was shocked to see a negative review of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance on here after being a client with them for the past year and unfortunately submitting claims more than we would have liked to! My father has worked in the Insurance Industry for 40 years and we had pet insurance growing up with another pet insurance company. We never had any issues with the other company, but when comparing plans for our dog Max Healthy Paws had the best coverage, least amount of hassle, etc. My husband is the type that reads and compares everything (to the point that it's annoying) so he ones the one that made the final decision. Most of the claims we submitted were fairly minor at first. It was so nice because when we submitted a claim we would receive an e-mail confirmation that it was received right away and usually the same day an e-mail that our reimbursement had been processed! Since getting our policy we moved twice and I changed my name and the staff was great about getting everything updated. Most recently we moved out of the city and they even notified me right away that our monthly premium would be reduced as well.
Whenever I e-mailed or called the staff seemed genuinely concerned about Max. Most recently however, was when I really knew we had made a good choice. After we moving we just switched vets and it unfortunately was not a good experience. Our dog Max got all of his vaccinations in one day and the next day was very ill. They aren't sure if it was an allergic reaction

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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