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Our cat is not the sharpest knife in the drawer so to speak... He ate a poisonous plant and the vet bills cost us about $3,000. After that incident we decided to get pet insurance. We spent a while decided which service to go with and settled on Trupanion. Only about a month after we signed up our cat got into trouble again after swallowing a cat toy. The bill was $6,000 this time! Even though we had only been signed up with Trupanion for a month and had paid a single down payment of about $20, they covered 90% of the total bill! There were a few items on the list that were not covered, like standard check ups, but all in all we only ended up paying about $800 instead of $6,000. I can honestly say that Trupanion saved my cats life... paying 6k to save our cat was just not an option for us.
The only negative that I can speak of is that I did indeed have to pay the six thousand dollars upfront and then had to wait an agonizing week before Trupanion confirmed that they would cover us. It took about a month and a half until the insurance check came and was also pretty stressful floating $6,000 in debt while waiting.

These are small complaints though, my cat is alive and my savings account is for the most part intact.

I would highly recommend them.

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Swallowed cat toy, required major surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/15/2013

Mac, I am so delighted that we were able to save your cat! We love hearing stories like this and this is why we love our job and company.
The best way to have a quick claim turnaround is to work with the vet to have them provide us all the history and data upfront. Some of our vets are now signed up to be paid directly by us, where you do not have to front the cost. You should ask your vet and we can set them up with our Trupanion Express Vet program. Incase your car decides to eat something else he finds interesting!