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A few months ago, I was at our Vets office for our 2 year old cattle dog, Ares. Our Vet asked us if we ever thought about having pet insurance on Ares. I had thought about it, but was still searching for more pet ins info. The Vet said that they had info on a different type of pet ins (basically for accidents, illnesses, etc). The Vet told me a story about a pet owner who had a bill of $27,000 ( yes, I am confirming the $27,000) and yes, Trupanion was there to saved the day. Anyway, he gave me a form with Trupanion's number to call, and that they would insure Ares for 1 month free of charge with a $250 deductible. I called Trupanion. Spoke to a wonderful young lady named Emilie. She was great, answered all my questions and concerns. In the meanwhile, I had told Emilie that we were looking into getting a new puppy, same breed and may be interested in insuring both dogs. So at the end of the 30 days trial for Ares, I called back and spoke with Emilie and decided to take out the policies on both dogs. Emilie asked me if I wanted the 30 days free trial for the new puppy, named Jillaroo. I declined and said go ahead and insure both now. She did. I asked for a $300 deductible. Emilie said, that Jillaroo would not be insured for illnesses for (30 days, and accidents (5 days). Eleven days later we were headed to the ER for Jillaroo (10weeks old). She had swallowed a teething puppy (edible) biscuit and instead of chewing on it like she did 2 nights before, she decided to swallow

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gastro/ermergency surgery
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Over $1000

Australian Cattle Dog

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Under a year

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