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I have had 24 Pet watch for over 10 years. They have been consistently easy to deal with and have always been responsive. They do have limits, but I have felt that they are reasonable. They have been quick to reimburse and are great in the area of communication

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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/17/2013

Coverage is listed in the terms and conditions and really clear and if maybe something wasn't clear, you should have followed up with the company. Seems you may be having a personal problem here Jean and may want to look into it.

Posted: 09/18/2013

Dear Jean Smith,It is unfortunate you feel as you do. it would appear you wished to cancel an insurance policy with us. I recommend you contact our Billing Department at 1-866-275-7387 and discuss further with one of our agents, and if need be advise them of my posting here and we can find a resolution. We appreciate your feedback in order for us to improve our Customer experience.
Joanne Feather
Director of B2C Administration
24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs

Posted: 08/14/2013

I find this company a RIP OFF! They are very diseatful on and unclear to you about the coverage ,Once they get your account (Money) They continue to take out money ! And hard to get rid of. They They make money off you by keeping $22.02 and not refunding saying that was gone over with you at the time you called. Bull Crap! I do Not Advise the Company to Anyone!. Unless you like giving your money away!!! I took my policy out in May .They are still taking money from my checking account.I have called them every Month! Like I said !.They are a Rip Off.! Good Luck! Happy for those who wrote in and are happy with them. (24 PetWatch) Is a Total rip off.Jean Smith

Posted: 03/21/2017

THIS COMPANY IS DISHONEST AS MANY OF THE REVIEWS SAY- OUR DOGS PREMIUM WENT FROM 44.67 to about 96.00 per month -we have had since he was a pup- he now is turning 8 - as many reviews state that is when they did this and took out of my bank acct with no permission to that rate increase- none- no registered letter nothing- they get you when the pets are young and when they get older they jack up the price because they know it will cost money- we have had 0 claims since 2010 -none ever- they know what they are doing- I will be calling all the humane society's and pet shelters and making them aware of what this company and telling them NOT to rec this company to any adopting pet owners - I will fight for this - they are crooks - and just dishonest- there are too many other companies- not like this someone rec Hannahs- there is also pets first- pets plusUsa and more