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Our bills were reimbursed promptly just as the insurance provides. You can request copies of your pet’s complete record and send it to PetPlan..
I tried to determine the best pet insurance plan and went with PetPlan based on a recommendation from someone else.

Words cannot describe how truly thankful we are to PetPlan for saving us several thousands of dollars to save our dog, Po. After our previous border collie, who lived 14 years, had a hip replacement and later surgery for a torn ligament, we were determined to look into pet insurance for our new puppy, another border collie, named Po. While vacationing in KY last year over July 4th weekend, Po had become very ill…lethargy, unstable gait, and diarrhea. After a clinic cared for him overnight to stabilize him we took a 5 hour drive back home to Veterinary Specialty Services (VSS) in Missouri. I was emotionally distraught believing Po wasn’t going to make it. When I called Pet Plan while in route to let them know what was occurring, their response was incredible…they told me “do not worry, just take care of your baby!” I cried even more at relief that we could do all that was possible to save our pup. Well, we never did find the underlying cause of Po’s illness, but he was in an ICU for nearly two weeks until he recovered sufficiently to be home again. No one thought he would survive but he surprised us all.

Then, nearly a year later, Po had become seriously ill again. He was laying in the yard clearly

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anaphylactic shock
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Border Collie

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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