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Our 4 1/2 month old puppy was viciously attacked by a bullmastiff easily 10 times her size. Her injuries were beyond the wildest imagination -- her skin was peeled off her body from shoulders to hips, almost like when you peel tight socks or stockings off and they turn inside out. The term for this is "degloving." The sheriff's deputy that retrieved "Frankie" did not think she would live. Wonderful neighbors took us to a locally renowned pet hospital that I wouldn't have considered because it was farther away than the local vet clinics, but they assured me that it was worth the time and the extra cost to go there. The doctors spent two or more hours repairing the damage, but three days later, they advised me that a large patch of skin was dying because the attack destroyed the blood supply to the area, and she would require surgery and a greater level of care than they felt capable of providing. We transferred Frankie to a veterinary specialty and emergency center where she underwent several more hours of surgery to remove dead skin and underlying infected fatty tissue. Frankie remained hospitalized for 10 days, as she required daily bandage changes under sedation for three open wounds where there was insufficient skin to close them. When sedation no longer was necessary, we took her home, but had to return every other day for bandage changes until the doctor felt it was possible to suture closed the open wounds.
All of this care took a month and an incredible e

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Attack by ferocious dog
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