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Wow! What a great company and what a change from the insurance we had before. We have 3 Afghan Hounds currently and have had 9 of them over the years, so we are used to the expense of owning dogs. But over the last 2 years we have had a lot of very expensive medical bills for our 2 older dogs including the removal of a 7 pound tumor; pneumonia and Pancreatitis. it was during this time that we found that our insurance coverage with VPI, which we had for years, wasn't worth a darn. They covered very little of the expense and were not very nice to deal with at all.
We got an Afghan puppy last May and signed him up with VPI as we had done for all of our other dogs. But when our oldest dog got pneumonia and VPI covered very little of it ( no coverage for Oxygen...are you kidding me! ) we decided to look for a better company for the puppy. We decided on Trupanion and mistakenly waited until the one year contract with VPI was up before signing up with them. We have since then learned that we could have signed with Trupanion right away and they would have covered whatever VPI did not.

So we started showing the puppy as soon as he turned 6 months and he has been doing great but after the show in Long Beach a few weeks ago he started choking and we took him to a Vet only to find that he has a very rare condition called Chylothorax which is very serious and in fact usually fatal if not treated immediately. In his case about 1 1/2 liters of Chyle got into his chest cavity causing o

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